Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Guess Who’s Not Getting it At Launch?

Nintendo earlier today revealed the mobile take on their popular IP, Animal Crossing with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Unlike New Leaf where you are mayor of a town, you manage a campsite in Pocket Camp. So expect the typical activities available in Animal Crossing games such as crafting, fishing and meeting random visitors to your town  campsite.

But here’s the shit deal tho; the game will be available to limited countries at launch and yes, as you guessed it from the title, Malaysia isn’t in the initial list. Anyways, just to rub some salt into your wounds, here is the list of countries getting the game, set for release in November:

Just like with Pokemon Go, Malaysian Nintendo fans misses out at the start and you can only pray to the Big-N gods for a miracle or at least a shorter wait for the game to hit us on mobile. The game will be playable on both Android and iOS and will be free for download. Microtransactions are included, as expected with such model.

For those who just have to play the game, a workaround would be to register their device in any of these countries listed above to gain access. They then can Pre-Register for the game here, which will alert them immediately once the game is available for download.

While we love our Nintendo IPs, we are pretty bummed that Malaysia is constantly overlooked as a viable market for their titles – even on the mobile space. The decision to overlook Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines – quite easily three of the most populated countries with highest usage of mobile devices in Nintendo’s initial list boggles the mind. We hope the situation changes soon.

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