Dragon Ball Fighter Z Unveils Two New Characters

Update 24th October 2017

Publishers Bandai Namco has confirmed that the game drops January 26th 2018 and that the demo for the game is set to be available circa early January 2018.

Bandai Namco’s highly anticipated 3-on-3 brawler, Dragon Ball FighterZ will include two memorable characters according to reports via translated scans of the latest issue of  V Jump magazine. Captain Ginyu and Vegeta’s muscle-y sidekick Nappa join the ever growing list of villains set to feature in the roster which include Cell and Freeza.

Also revealed were their abilities, with Nappa getting to summon his Saibamen to aid him in battle. The translation (via Siliconera) adds that Nappa’s special attack will see him firing a devastating energy beam from his mouth – as seen in the manga.

True to his depiction in the manga, Captain Ginyu will have the ability to call out all of the members of The Ginyu Force – Jeice, Guldo, Recoome and Burter so expect to see the legendary five pull off that iconic team pose mid-game. Ginyu’s special Meteor attack will be”Body Change” which enables him to swap characters and health with his opponent. So will we get the rest of his squad included into the game? We certainly hope so. A grudge match between Vegeta and Recoome is long overdue.

Also revealed recently were the inclusions of Tien and Yamcha as playable characters in the game. Dragon Ball FighterZ hits shelves February 2018 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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