Nioh Coming to PC This November

Heads up #PCMasterrace folks, Team Ninja’s Samurai epic Nioh is coming to the realms of PC gaming come November. Originally released on the PS4, the repackaged game for PC will be called Nioh: The Complete Edition and will feature the game’s three add-on packs and a  60FPS frame rate a a.k.a “Movie Mode.”

Punishing yet engaging at the same time, many likened the gameplay to Dark Souls but set in feudal Japan and in truth, it isn’t far from that. In Nioh, you will play as an European warrior traversing the yokai-infested Japan while avoiding death at every corner. You will encounter countless yokais, or Japanese demons, while at the same time battling in iconic locations and scenarios.

Personally I’m not a big fan of the Dark Soul series but Nioh certainly got me hooked especially with the frustratingly difficult yet satisfying boss fights. The action RPG game also include some notable, real-life historical figures into the main story such as Oda Nobunaga and Hattori Hanzo that would satisfy any Japanophile out there.

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