Seoul Dynasty Names Overwatch League Captain

Seoul Dynasty

Seoul Dynasty has named ‘Ana God’, Je-hong “ryujehong” Ryu as team captain during their sendoff ceremony in Seoul yesterday. This official announcement follows the absence of of former Lunatic-Hai team captain Esca from final Seoul Dynasty roster for the Overwatch League.  Known for his spectacular plays as Ana  which brought him the nickname ‘Ana God’, Je-Hong is also well known to be a very astute reader of he game and in theory should be the next shotcaller for the highly-favored Koreans. Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 3.11.01 pm

Also announced was the addition of ex-GC Busan coach, Lee “Hocury” Ho-cheol into Dynasty’s coaching staff. Hocury was last seen coaching GC Busan to win OGN APEX Season 4, beating Seasons 2 and 3 finalists – Lunatic-Hai, RunAway and Cloud9 KongDoo in the process.

You can check out Part 1 of our Overwatch League teams preview here.  and Part 2 of it here. The inaugural Overwatch League season is set to kick off January 10, 2018, with preseason starting December 6, 2017. The regular season concludes in June 2018 and will be followed by a playoffs and finals. All regular season games will be played at the Blizzard Arena Los Angeles for the inaugural season.

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