Overwatch League: Superstar DPS Closer to Officially Joining NYXL Roster

New York Excelsior


You’ve seen him in action at the Overwatch World Cup and we are now a step closer to seeing him in action in the Overwatch League as New York Excelsior DPS superstar, Yeon-oh “Fl0w3R” Hwang finally lands in Los Angeles. As shown in his tweet last week, he should already be in Los Angeles, joining his Excelsior teammates as they prepare for the inaugural season of the Overwatch League.

While he is still ineligible to contest under the NYXL banner til he turns 18 after May 14th, rumor has it that he may play for NYXL’s Overwatch Contenders team to keep himself sharp.

Having made his name in the Korean Overwatch OGN APEX circuit where he played for LW Blue and LW Red, Fl0w3R became a household name amongst Overwatch fans worldwide following a string of stellar performances for Team Korea at the recent Overwatch World Cup. Flanked by teammates such as Ryujehong and Saebyeolbe who are practically the best in their respective roles, Fl0w3R still stood out thanks to his crazy aim and almost supernatural reflexes.

The Overwatch League kicks off January 12th 2018 with NYXL taking on Boston Uprising and Fl0w3R is expected to make his debut for NYXL in May against Florida Mayhem.


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