Update In Regards to Free Tokens For Your (Second) Free Overwatch Skin

Los Angeles Valiant

A few days back we reported how you can obtain an additional 100 Overwatch League Tokens courtesy of Blizzard that will bag you an extra Overwatch League hero skin. Today we are please do to share that you should be able to redeem it by logging into your game. Upon checking late last night, we were pleased to find additional 100 Tokens on our PlayStation account which we shall use on one of our mains, Pharah.

In case you missed it, we spent our free tokens received first time around on Moira in the black and gold of Seoul Dynasty.

If you are still yet to receive them, fret not as Blizzard revealed that they will be giving out these free tokens between now til February. With the Overwatch League finally in full-swing, expect a deluge of requests for these tokens so the distribution may take a little longer than expected. But assuming you’ve correctly followed the instructions required, it’s just a matter of time before you get it so hang out aite.


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