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Drake played Fortnite with @ninja earlier today and the games scene went nuts as the stream broke viewing records having raked in over 600k concurrent viewers.

Prior to today’s event, the record was held by PlayerUnknown’s Battleground streamer, Dr Disrespect who amassed about 388,000 viewers recently. The successful Ninja stream tonight certainly was an interesting development not just for Twitch, but the battle royale game genre as a whole considering both Fortnite: Battle Royale and PUBG are two highly similar games and are currently two of the most played video game titles on the planet.

While they came into the scene a bit later than their rivals, Fortnite have pipped PUBG as the leader on the scene, added by the fact that they recently made cross-play between PC and PlayStation 4 players possible. For the record, Ninja was on PC while Drake played on his PS4 in what was a masterstroke – intentional or not – in exhibiting the game’s latest feature. The game will also be available to mobile phones and devices soon and both PC and PS4 players are also able to cross-play with mobile device players.

But don’t expect PUBG to take it all lying down. For long they have been the king of the hill and we highly doubt they are going to go quiet following Fortnite’s rise to the top. We have a feeling that some A-list celeb is going to start streaming with a top PUBG streamer in the coming weeks in attempt to balance things out. The clock’s ticking.


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It’s actually really sad and cringe

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