Is Blizzard Teasing A Diablo III Port For Nintendo Switch?

Ah, Diablo III. From its early flawed inception to its major fix via the Reaper of Souls expansion, this action RPG has been giving us the loot-hoarding jollies thanks to its Nephilim dungeon additions, Season play, and increased Torment levels.

One does wonder if D3 will be ported onto other consoles, especially on Nintendo’s new Switch console. Here’s a recent Tweet from Blizzard to further tease fans, right after their megaton PTR release of Overwatch’s Brigitte.

In case you couldn’t tell, Blizzard flicked the lights switch three times. Maybe they’re selling that Diablo III ornament, but it’s most likely a tease of a Nintendo Switch port of their hack-and-slash game. This also came in a few days after this rumour about a Switch port came in (via Neoseeker).

Which begs the question: what else can Blizzard add for the Switch version apart from local co-op? I mean, a portable Diablo III does sound cool in retrospect, but everyone and their mothers have already played Diablo III on a PC. In fact, many people came back to Diablo III just to get back into PC gaming because these two go well like peanut butter and smores on toast/crackers.

Maybe some Nintendo branded costumes and gear could make this version more unique? I’d kill for a Demon Hunter dressed up like Princess Peach, or a Witch Doctor with a Dry Bones as a pet or as a zombie dog. Or a Crusader in Samus’ bounty hunter ensemble.

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