Overwatch League Transfers: Fuel & Spitfire Beef Up Tank Corps

Struggling Overwatch League team Dallas Fuel beefed up their squad in the form of former CONBOX main tank, Son “OGE” Min-Seok making him the twelfth player in the team. By joining the Fuel, OGE becomes the fourth main tank player for the Dallas Fuel, joining the likes of xQc, Mickie, and Cocco. It is indeed an interesting move since Cocco who mains Reinhardt haven’t been getting much playtime in Stage 2 of the Overwatch League inaugural season, while DPS main Taimou have been flexing as tank in recent weeks.

On top of that, the Fuel have been struggling to put a string of positive results and the biggest issue they have been facing has been communications. The Fuel have two other Korean players in the team; Effect, who was originally from the former EnVyUs squad and ex-London Spitfire DPS, Rascal who have been getting limited playtime due to language related issues. So we are quite skeptical of OGE’s addition considering these two issues at hand and doubt that OGE will turn Dallas’ fortunes.

Meanwhile the London Spitfire have filled the void following Fissure’s departure to the Los Angeles Gladiators with former RunAway main tank, Hwang “T1zi” Jang-hyun. It’s a reunion of sorts for him with most of the guys of London Spiftire who now mostly consist of ex-GC Busan players, the same team who defeated RunAway at the APEX Season 4 finals last October. As opposed to Fuel’s addition of OGE which seemed odd, T1zi’s move to the Spitfire is a logical one – to play backup for the main tank, Gesture who is currently the sole tank for the team.

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