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This Nifty Razer Headset Features Good Vibrations & Real Gaming Immersion

As much as I like my old-school headsets with cables, sometimes it’s fine to splurge a bit on some wireless tech as long as the audio fidelity justifies the price tag. With the Razer Nari Ultimate, your wallet’s content might mysteriously vanish through impulse purchase. Probably mine too.

What makes the Razer Nari stand out from other gaming headsets, apart from pretty sleek design sensibilities that don’t remind you of a bag of cat innards filled with crayons and oil pastels, is its Hypersense feature. That’s just a pretty codeword for Razer’s own advanced haptic/touch technology that delivers pulse-pound vibrations that make you feel the sounds from your games in a hugely immersive manner.



Whatever audio cues you receive in your ears, you’ll feel the touch-sensory & tactile feedback, be it that gunshot in Overwatch or that cursor in a Ubisoft sandbox game telling you where to go. I think my eardrums will need a cigarette if I put on the Doom reboot using the Nari Ultimate.

You can thank the German engineers from Lofelt for this brand of aural pleasure. Other features of this headset include:

  • THX Spatial Audio that creates realistic depth and immersion by simulating 360-degree sound with pinpoint accuracy for greater awareness during gameplay.
  • Game/chat balance, which works in both wired and wireless mode for added compatibility across PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.
  • Innovative comfort technology that includes an auto-adjusting headband for a fuss-free fit, swiveling ear cups to fit every head shape, and cooling gel ear cushions that keep gamers feeling cooler for longer periods of time compared to traditional memory foam ear cups.

The best part? The Nari’s HyperSense works will all forms of audio from games, films, and YouTube shows, so you don’t need to do any customization of sorts to get that tactile feedback and crisp sound it may deliver. Apparently, if you have something crafted for 3D audio, the Nari is built to make sure you feel the difference and depth.


The Nari comes in Regular (S$229.90), Ultimate (S$309.90), and Essential (S$159.90) flavours. The Regular version omits HyperSense and mirrors the Ultimate in comfort. The Ultimate is the one with the features above, while the Essential version features THX Spatial Audio and “unparalleled comfort”. You can get the Nari now at select Razer stores; you’ll have to wait until the end of the year (specifically Q4) to get the Ultimate and Essential versions.

To make life easier for everyone, here’s a comparison chart between the three:


I can’t speak for everyone, but I do know that I will wear this for hours on end, be it for music-listening or just playing a few rounds of Overwatch and Warframe. It’ll be interesting to see how the different versions of the Nari work.

And for something off-kilter, check out this tryhard ad of the Nari below.

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