Here’s How You Can Watch The Versus Masters 2019 Finals

There’s a ton of grassroots-level and high-level fighting game goodness happening this weekend, especially if you’re keeping track of the Tekken World Tour.

If you happen to be in Singapore this weekend, good for you! Head down to Singtel Recreation Club @ Comcentre at 31 Exeter Road. If not, don’t worry: you can tune into the livestream of the fighting game event below.

SoulCalibur 6, Street Fighter V, etc.

Watch live video from versusasia on

Tekken World Tour Dojo

Watch live video from GameStartAsia on

Here’s a breakdown of the finals:

11am: MK11 Top 4 (Nintendo Switch version)
12pm: SoulCalibur 6 Top 8, Super Smash Bros Ultimate Top 4
1pm: Under Night In-Birth (UNIST) Top 4
3pm: Tekken 7 SGEA Top 4
5pm: Street Fighter V Top 16, Dragon Ball FighterZ Top 4
7pm: Tekken 7 Tekken World Tour Dojo Top 4

Check out the entire schedule below.

It is rather strange that Beast Of The East/Eliphant are not roping in BFFs Armaggeddon as sponsors.  Doesn’t matter; fighting game fans in the region should not miss out on this if they want to learn what Malaysia, Singapore, and Southeast Asia is capable of.

(top image credit: Versus Asia)

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