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Hello Good Friday weekend, which means in a few days we get to witness the celebration of the resurrection of one particular Jesus Christ. Or if you rather get to the nitty-gritty, it’s a pagan celebration featuring the Easter Bunny and a ton of chocolate effigies of eggs and lagomorphs.

After all, who doesn’t love bunnies? They’re cute and cuddly creatures sporting those floppy ears, wiggly little cotton tail and a cute snoot to boot. They’re the most innocent looking creatures out there. Then again, bunnies might not be so innocent, especially in gaming.

Which also means it’s time for us at Kakuchopurei to talk about our favourite bunnies. We’ve tackled resurrection last year, so let’s go for something more fluffy.

Ubisoft’s Rabbids


Let’s start with the most persistent motherf*****s in video game history. Ubisoft’s more noticeable mascots (sorry Rayman) debuted in Rayman Raving Rabbids, effectively outshining the limbless hero and since then spun off into different standalone rhythm games and a bunch of all-ages titles.

They even got in on an April’s Fool joke in a one-time For Honor event, meaning Ubisoft pulls these rascals out once in a while to troll people and remind them of their obnoxious punch-friendly faces.


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