Android Users Can Now Share Netflix Shows & Movies On Instagram Stories

Earlier this year, iOS users received the capability to share their favorite Netflix shows and movies on Instagram Stories directly from the Netflix app. It remained exclusively for iOS devices, that is, until now.

Netflix has announced that Android users have now finally received the same feature on their devices.

How does the new feature work? Users can simply go to their Netflix app, select which show they want to share by tapping the ‘Share’ button, and add it to their Instagram story or even send it through a direct message to friends and followers.

They can personalize the default art for the Netflix show or movie by adding captions, stickers, and more. The Instagram story will then be visible for 24 hours, providing a ‘Watch on Netflix’ link that redirects anyone who clicks on it to the show’s page on the Netflix app.

This new feature is a great spoiler-free way for Netflix users to share what they’re watching with friends and family, without having to post it manually on Twitter or Facebook. Watching Lucifer Season 4? Share it on Instagram Stories.


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