Former Borderlands Claptrap Voice Actor Was Physically Assaulted By Gearbox CEO Back In 2017

Borderlands 3 is the gift that keeps on giving, whether it’s new gameplay impressions or drama behind the scenes with Gearbox and its employees.

The latest one involves former Claptrap voice actor David Eddings, who has accused its CEO Randy Pitchford for physical assault back in 2017 in the lobby of the Marriot Marquis hotel in San Francisco, during that particular GDC in March. David said this in his last tweet as part of his offer for doing the Claptrap role in Borderlands 3 for free, in addition to the royalties he was owed.

He even added that 2K Games wouldn’t give a statement regarding the aforementioned US$12 million being “siphoned” away from the Gearbox employees royalty pool.

Gearbox are refraining from commenting about the accusation, but they did provide a statement regarding the assault:

“Gearbox takes any and all claims of this nature very seriously and we will abstain from commenting on the allegations Dave is making because it is a personnel matter. We appreciate David’s contributions to the Borderlands franchise and have continued to assert we would welcome him back into the mix as the voice of Claptrap and other future opportunities.”


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