Mysterio Reveals Which Earth He’s From, Calls MCU Earth-616

Marvel Studios unleashed the second spoilerific trailer for Spider-Man Far From Home two days ago filled with several bombshells, one of which seems to be Mysterio confirming the existence of the Multiverse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

A new video has surfaced, featuring an extended clip of the scene between Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Quentin Beck/Mysterio.

Here’s what Mysterio says to Peter in the special clip:

“There are multiple realities, Peter. This is Earth dimension 616, I’m from Earth 833.

We share identical physical constants level four symmetry.”


In the comics, the ‘prime’ Marvel universe is based in the reality of Earth-616 while the MCU has always been unofficially designated Earth-199999. For that reason, this is extremely confusing for comic book fans. However, it could also be an indication that proves another theory; that Mysterio is actually lying about all this.

It could also be that Marvel Studios is trying to separate the lines between the MCU and the comics even further, by establishing that the MCU has access to its own Multiverse and by extension its own Earth-616.


Meanwhile, let’s discuss the implications of what Mysterio being from Earth 833 would bring. In the comics, that reality is already home to its own version of Spider-Man named William “Billy” Braddock. Calling himself Spider-UK, he is actually a member of the Captain Britain Corps, an organization that protects the Multiverse.


Braddock is his reality’s version of both Spider-Man and Captain Britain in one, though he only has abilities of the former (Spider-Sense, super strength, etc) and none of the latter (mystical source of power).  However, his reality was destroyed in the comics, and he also died recently.

In the trailer, Mysterio words to Spider-Man; “I could someone like you on my world.” could now have two implications. One, that he is lying about there being no Spider-Man on his Earth, thereby making him a villain with a hidden agenda, or two, the Spider-Man on his Earth did exist but is now dead maybe due to the Elementals or some other threat.

Maybe this could all even turn out to be a way for Marvel Studios to introduce the Inheritors into the MCU, interdimensional immortal vampires who suck the life force of Spider Totems from different universes, destroying them in the process. Perhaps Mysterio’s world was ravaged by the Inheritors? It’s possible.

The family of Inheritors.

I’m still skeptical of Mysterio’s claims, but if it all does turn out to be true, could mean infinite possibilities for future stories. Marvel Studios could potentially use the Multiverse concept as a backdoor excuse to introduce mutants or the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four into the MCU, as well as new villains like Galactus, Kang the Conqueror, or Annihilus.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is slated to arrive in cinemas on 4 July 2019.


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