Square Enix’s Upcoming Prelude Rune RPG Cancelled

Square Enix has confirmed that Studio Istolia has officially closed down and with it, Project Prelude Rune has been canceled. This comes just after studio head Hideo Baba left the company last month, claiming to “make way for the new generation of talent.”

In a statement to USGamer, a Square Enix representative said:

“Following evaluation of various aspects of Project Prelude Rune, development of the title has been canceled.

Studio Istolia is no longer in operation and we have been taking appropriate steps to assign studio staff to other projects within the Square Enix Group.”

Studio Istolia only began operating two years ago in 2017 to develop a JRPG called Project Prelude Rune. Its original goal was to “provide unforgettable stories that will inspire players in their own lives, and brings new experiences to everyone around the world.”

However, all we have seen of the actual game so far is a brief teaser trailer released last year. Check it out below.


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