Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Comes To Steam & PS4

Suda 51’s Nintendo Switch game Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is coming to PC and PS4, according to an announcement from developer Grasshopper Manufacture.

That really funky game where you play a bunch of top-down action minigames with a beam katana-wielding badass otaku type and his bandaged-up buddy. And yes, the game is meta enough that you’re actually in a video game cleaning up its bugs.

So far there’s no release date yet, but I do hope this is a sign of things to come where we eventually get to see both Wii-exclusive No More Heroes games popping up on the PC. Last we checked, the super-cool Killer 7 and The Silver Case made their appearances on PC a while back. And there’s really no such thing as too much Suda 51 weirdness, right?

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