Here Are Your Overwatch World Cup 2019 National Committee Members

After a long period of voting in many countries all over the world, Blizzard has finalized and tallied the votes for who will be the team general managers and coaches for their respective nations as part of the national committees for the upcoming Overwatch World Cup 2019.

Here are your Overwatch World Cup 2019 national committee members for the top ten participating countries, as well as those from Asia/Southeast Asia regions:

South Korea

General Manager: 황형 “YongBongTang”
Community Manager: 박훈 “KOWLime”
Coach: 박희 “Crusty”


General Manager: Justin “Jayne” Conroy
Community Manager: Nathan “KarQ” Chan
Coach: Louis “Tikatee” Lebel-Wong


General Manager: Huang “Xiaogui” Tsung-Yu
Community Manager: Li “Tutu” Qiong
Coach: Xingrui “RUI” Wang


General Manager: Prinderre “DeGuN” Laurent
Community Manager: Mathias “Troma” Szanto
Coach: Quentin “Wrath” Sevegner


General Manager: Analynn “bawlynn” Dang
Community Manager: Vinit “Fresh” patel
Coach: Aaron “Aero” Atkins

United Kingdom

General Manager: Tom “Stylosa” Stewart
Community Manager: James “BadPachimari” Lindsay
Coach: Elliott “Hayes” Hayes


General Manager: Andrew “Rqt” Haws
Community Manager: Jarrod “Frogger” Meredith
Coach: Jordan “Gunba” Graham


General Manager: Lisa “LIZLIN” Lingvall
Community Manager: David “Snipzy” Sundbergh
Coach: Johan “CWoosH” Klingestedt


General Manager: Stanislav “Mistakes” Danilov
Community Manager: Sofia “SofiJonson” Ostrogradskaya
Coach: Дмитрий “Outbreak” Петраков


General Manager: Topias “Kuhnu” Rantala
Community Manager: Eero “Rockett” Salmi
Coach: Joni “Seita” Paavola


General Manager: Kenn “Beagull” Leandre
Community Manager: Sun “megikari” San
Coach: Jack “RagonSEA” Teoh


General Manager: Areeya “aumimchun” Manamunchaiyaporn
Community Manager: Aunya “Klarion” Wettayawong
Coach: จิรวัฒน์ “HeadHawk” กะลัมพะนันทน์

The Philippines

General Manager: Mika “nilavariel” Fabella
Community Manager: Camie “Yumie” Tafalla
Coach: Dathan Allan Keanu “Daks” Rosales


General Manager: Chun Chieh “TCC” Teo
Community Manager: Nicholas “Caldoran” Tay
Coach: Seetoh “JohnGalt” Jian Qing


General Manager: MASUMI “みずイロ” FUKUDA
Community Manager: 拓斗 “add0ne” 小野里
Coach: Yuki “Youk” Shimano

Chinese Taipei

General Manager: 潘家豪 “Graves”
Community Manager: 王人弘 “Restya”
Coach: 高偉騰 “kant”

Hong Kong

General Manager: Derek “MimicOmnic” Kwok
Community Manager: Audrey “ASCII” Yam
Coach: 李鏡泉 “HaRuHi”


General Manager: Rushindra “Salbatic” Sinha
Community Manager: Ashwath “Ashr” Ramasubramanian
Coach: Vasu “Method” Chaturvedi

Overall, a total of 47 countries will be participating in the Overwatch World Cup 2019, with only 10 of those from Asia. Out of those 10 Asian countries, only 4 are from Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines.

Thailand remains the most successful Southeast Asian Overwatch team to date, as they were the only team from the region to make it into the top 24 teams of last year’s Overwatch World Cup 2018. That’s not even mentioning the fact that one of the four Overwatch World Cup 2018 qualifiers was held in Bangkok, Thailand.

What’s Next In The Road To Overwatch World Cup 2019?

Now that Phase 2 of the Overwatch World Cup 2019 program is officially over, Phase 3 will be starting soon, with player selection to commence. All teams from all countries will have from 13 June to 14 July 2019 to hold player tryouts and craft their respective team rosters.

Up to 12 players maximum will be allowed for one team, which Blizzard will have to verify and approve beforehand. Each country’s committee will then select and confirm the final 7 players and committee members, who will travel to the live event at BlizzCon 2019.

Blizzcon 2019 is scheduled to take place at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California, United States, from 1 November to 2 November 2019.

Here’s the format for the final Overwatch World Cup 2019 tournament at Blizzcon 2019:


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