We’re Getting A Company Of Heroes Board Game That’s Well Over Its Kickstarter Goal

Crowdfunding for boardgames adapted from video games is commonplace these days: just ask Dark Souls and Street Fighter about it sometime. It’s not going to stop, at least if this new Company of Heroes Kickstarter project is of any indication.


Tabletop folks Bad Crow Games will be turning Relic’s epic Second World War RTS title into a “streamlined” board game experience with resource collection, unit purchases, special units and commanders, and “simplified” combat that focuses on positioning, cover, and combined firepower. The game will feature four playable nations -the US, Britain, Soviet Union, and “Wehrmacht”/bad Germans- with 32 vehicles, 150 infantry figures, 55 different dice, 44 figure trays, 120 markers, 12 production tiles, and a map board.

In other words, the quintessential Relic strategy game experience but in analog form. Here’s the detailed pitch:

“The important distinction to consider is that this is a cross between tactical skirmish games and economy-based resource management games so it feels and plays differently than most other games out there.

While the Company of Heroes board game shares some common elements with skirmish games and tabletop miniatures games, (players are maneuvering units around on a map after all), it has such a large focus on securing, collecting and spending resources that the end experience is quite different.”

Bad Crow added that the game will be simpler and less time-consuming than its past works such as Squad Leader, Tide of Iron, and Bolt Action. The US$100,000 Kickstarter goal has already been surpassed; right now at this point in typing it’s at US$196,397 and rising. And there are still 21 days left in the campaign.

The project is 90-95% complete according to the creators, with the only major work left being the extra detailing of the infantry and weapon teams. So even if the Kickstarter goal amassed just enough money, it’ll still be out at its intended May 2020 schedule.

Head here if you’re interested in seeing a board game version of Company of Heroes. It’ll cost you U$99 if you want to pledge for the Core Set.

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