Here’s How Apex Legends Season 2 Daily & Weekly Challenges Work

Respawn Entertainment unveiled the Apex Legends Season 2 trailer last week, showcasing a post-disaster Kings Canyon, along with new skins, emotes, and L-Star LMG action. It is slated to premiere tomorrow on 2 July 2019.

According to lead product manager Lee Horn (via GameSpot), the Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass challenge system “should allow for significantly greater Battle Pass progress with less grind over less time for players who return on a regular basis and maximize their challenge resets”.

Here’s how the daily and weekly challenges work in Apex Legends Season 2:

Completing both the daily and weekly challenges will contribute towards leveling up the Battle Pass. Over half of the challenges will grant a Battle Pass level while the rest will grant the player Stars (which when combined with match EXP) will work towards fulfilling a repeatable weekly challenge, the completion of which will give players a full Battle Pass level.

Apex Legends Season 2 Daily Challenges are:

Apex Legends Season 2 Weekly Challenges are:

Besides the daily and weekly challenges, there will be three additional challenges that reset every week whether they are completed or not. Check out an example of them below:

Apex Legends Season 2 will also mark the debut of a new character named Wattson, the daughter of the man who built the Kings Canyon arena. In the meantime, check out the Apex Legends Season 2 trailer below.


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