Here’s How To Check If Your PC Can Run Gears 5 This Month

If you’re looking forward to the next Gears of War game, you may want to check this piece of news out.

Developer The Coalition will be launching a “Versus Multiplayer” tech test which will begin on 19 July. The test will give players access to the Arcade (a new Versus mode), Escalation, and King of the Hill game modes on two new multiplayer maps. Also added for this test is a new Bootcamp training mode and a “mini Tour of Duty” that allows players to unlock exclusive Tester Weapon Skins for use in the full game.

The studio said that this technical test allows them to stress test the servers over two focused Test Periods so that the game offers the best possible experience when large volumes of players rush in at launch. To be frank, the game will still break at launch but at least the downtime and damage won’t be severe.

So How Do I Get On Board?

Easy! First: get your own PC. Second, you need to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Game Pass for PC. Alternatively, you can preorder the game from the Windows Store.

Third, make sure it follows the requirements below.




The test itself will run over two weekend sessions. The first from 10pm GMT+8 on 19-21 July, and the next at 10pm GMT+8 on 26-29 July.

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