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The past two months have been a roller coaster ride for Malaysian-based female CS:GO team Orange Sphynx. In June, they went to Shanghai for the ZOWIE Divina Women’s Asia Championship 2019 and nabbed second place.

Their performance in Shanghai qualified them for DreamHack Showdown Valencia 2019. Unfortunately, the team was eliminated after being consecutively beaten by American team Dignitas Female and Dutch team CPH Flames Female.

Just a few weeks after their defeat in Valencia, the team is faced with another major challenge. The team’s (former) leader Ramona “GFi#” Azween has recently left to join China-based team TYLOO. The announcement went public through a tweet from TYLOO’s Twitter account.

Ramona will be joining TYLOO’s female esports team TYLOO Female. It’s worth noting that at least four of TYLOO Female’s former members left to form 7PM.fe which is the teams that won first place at the aforementioned tournament where Orange Sphynx got second place.

“This marks my departure from Orange Esports It truly has been a long life changing journey for me, and I look forward to this next step in my career.”

– Ramona “GFi#” Azween, from her Instagram post.

We wish Ramona all the best in her career with TYLOO Female. Let’s see how Orange Sphynx will adapt to this change and move forward in their journey. As one of Malaysia’s best female CS:GO teams, they definitely shouldn’t let this demotivate them and see it as a new challenge to conquer.

Top image credit: Ramona Azween’s Twitter page.

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