Check Out All These New Indie Games The Nintendo Switch Is Getting

Nintendo recently displayed its “Indie World” stream recently. Here’s what we’re getting later this year and the next. Think of this as a catalogue that expands your gaming selections and preferences for the tail end of 2019, as well as save your wallet if you don’t want to spend RM100 or more on a single title.

Torchlight II

The Diablo III killer is finally coming out for Switch this 3rd September.

Risk of Rain 2

Yeah, we had fun in this 3D shooter roguelike on the PC. Nintendo Switch owners can suffer just like us when it’s out on September.

Creature In The Well

Pinball meets Legend of Zelda in this creative action RPG where you chuck balls onto bumpers for scoring and progress. Out 6th September for Switch, PC, and Xbox One.


This incredibly gory side-scroller has a release date for Switch, PS4, and PC: 10th September. Three days before Borderlands 3.

Cat Quest 2

Cats! Dogs! Co-op action RPG gameplay made by Singapore’s Gentlebros Games. It’s out on PC this 24th September and Autumn 2019 for Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

Ori and the Blind Forest

This Xbox exclusive is now making the jump on Switch this 27th September.


The folks behind this game, Shin’en, are clearly fans of the NES adventure title Star Tropics. It’s got vacation aesthetics, pixelated characters in 3D, and creepy aliens living in ruins; what more do you want? Out this November for Switch.


A hack-and-slash game that lets you swap out body parts for bonuses and comedic effect? Sign us up! Out 3rd December.


Out this fall, this pretty-looking RPG is taking a few pages from The Legend of Zelda. Except with gadgets and guns you can handcraft yourself.


An auto-runner side-scrolling game where you ride on dragons and cows as power-ups. It reminds me of Braid’s Amiga-esque painted art style but with chiptunes shoved in its background. Out before 2019 finishes.


A creepy fairy tale adventure game featuring friendly and menacing creatures. Out this winter, which is fitting given its snowy nature.


A top-down action-adventure game where you team up with a mysterious young girl to save the futuristic town you live in from an ancient evil. Out next year.

Which games are your favourite of the bunch? Let us know on Facebook or here.

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