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Electronic Arts has just released its latest quarterly financial report and overall, things are looking good for the company. I have no doubts that their totally ethical and definitely-not-predatory monetisation features have played a huge role in making them successful. Obviously no one is surprised about this so let’s talk about something more important: new games!

Somewhere near the end of a game company’s financial report, we can often find a list of upcoming games. Intended to boost shareholder confidence, the list also allows consumers like you and me to identify what else is in store for us. In EA’s case, we’re getting a new Plants vs. Zombies game and also a new Need for Speed. Both for consoles and PCs.


About two weeks ago, Plants vs. Zombies 3 was announced but only for mobiles. So there’s a strong possibility that we might be getting Garden Warfare 3 later this year. If you’re wondering “who the heck plays Garden Warfare?” then you ought to know that Garden Warfare 2 was actually the second best-selling game in its release week in the UK (via Gamespot).

If it’s true that a new Need for Speed is coming out, then it’s pretty weird that EA didn’t reveal it at E3 2019. A series as big as NFS would definitely have turned heads and gotten a lot of attention at E3. The last NFS game released was Need for Speed Payback which came out in November 2017.

For now, there’s not much to go on but the fact that these games are confirmed for release in 2019 is already exciting enough. Let’s hope we’ll get a few teasers and trailers dropped our way soon.

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