Epic Sues Fortnite Playtester For Leaking Chapter 2 Details

I’m not a big Fornite fan but it has to be admitted that the black hole event that ushered in Fortnite – Chapter 2 was definitely one of the craziest stunts in gaming history. Returning with a new map and bunch of other new features, the new chapter is definitely a breath of fresh air for longtime fans.

As per usual of any anticipated reveals in gaming, not everyone was patient. Epic Games has filed a lawsuit against Fortnite playtester Ronald Sykes who used multiple Twitter accounts to leak out vital information regarding Fortnite – Chapter 2. One of the alleged accounts tweeted out an image of the new map plus revealing details about new mechanics such as swimming and driving boats.

According to the information they have, Epic is confident that @FNGzus was one of the accounts used by Sykes.

In the lawsuit, Epic’s lawyers state that Sykes has clearly broke the NDA that he signed when being recruited as a playtester. Epic is asking for injunctive relief and maximum damages for Syke’s breach of contract, citing that “Epic has suffered and is continuing to suffer irreparable injury”.

Thanks, Polygon. The full lawsuit document is included in the Polygon article.

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