Man Swipes 40K Worth Of Games & Gaben’s Minigun From Valve

Last month on 25 September 2019, Bellevue Police charged 32-year-old Shawn Shaputis with one count of burglary and another for the trafficking of stolen property (via Polygon). According to the police, Shaputis had executed a pretty elaborate plan for his heist into one of the biggest gaming companies in the world.

He broke into Lincoln Square South by entering through a public restaurant and gained access to Valve’s office on the 11th floor through a “non-functioning stairwell door” on 17 June 2018. He then reportedly stole more than US$42,000 in total from Valve, including a bunch of video games: 15 Xbox One games and 23 PS4 games.

That’s not all, as Shaputis also confessed to stealing “15 to 20” Asus laptops, several Nintendo Switch and Steam machine consoles, “a metal mini gun looking thing” that he claims to have seen Valve CEO Gabe Newell holding in a Forbes magazine, “gaming memorabilia” and “archival promotional items”.

Why did Shaputis only get charged after about a year since he stole from Valve? He was recently caught on camera selling the stolen goods to a Bellevue GameStop. successfully selling 43 games to the store for a total of US$336. Police found the rest of the stolen items in his “skillfully packed” Geo Prism, as well as additional drugs.

When charges were filed on 25 September 2019 in the King County Superior Court, Shaputis had six active warrants. His arraignment hearing is now scheduled for today on 9 October 2019, though the prosecutor’s office told Polygon that he’s currently on “bench warrant status,” which means that he has previously missed other hearings before.

Could this guy have stolen the only known physical copy of the mythical Half-Life 3? We’ll never know.


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