Bake N’ Switch Combines A Recipe Of Punching, Throwing, And Baking

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from playing Overcooked and its sequel, its that I am just not capable of working under pressure. Just when I thought I’ve had enough of culinary-themed games that test my patience, I find another and it just pulls me back in.

Bake N’ Switch is the latest title from Malaysian developer Streamline Studios. Prior to this, they released Nightstream for mobiles. This time, they’re slowing things down a bit but not too slow. Bake N’ Switch might not have Nightstream‘s crazy fast hoverboards but you’ll still need to be quick on your feet.

If you’ve ever played Overcooked then you’ll be somewhat familiar with the gameplay of Bake N’ Switch. I’ll admit it actually feels a tad bit simpler compared to Overcooked but it does have its own sense of challenge. Instead of following recipes, I had to dip these cute little dough creatures into different types of flavourings before I could put them in the oven.

One mechanic that definitely increases the appeal of the game’s co-op and PVP modes (both online and local) is what I call dough-stacking. If you want to be the top baker, you have to bake big doughs and you do that by throwing doughs at each other so that they grow bigger. Don’t get carried away though, someone can just steal the dough you’ve been stacking or even worse, it gets spoiled by The Scourge.

There’s a punch button in this baking game and I utilised it generously. As I stacked my doughs and grew them bigger, blue-ish and purple-ish creatures crawl their way to my dough to infect them. Punch them enough times and you’ll defeat the slimes but act too slow and you’ll lose your dough. Wow, did I just rhyme?

I also got test out some power-ups that you can occasionally pick up around the level. The one I got to use the most was a Magnet item that allowed to pull in all the doughs that were near to me. I saw other players using different power-ups such as freezing Scourge slimes and and also some kind of electrical power that wiped out slimes. There’s definitely a lot more in the full game.

Out of the many games I tried out at Level Up KL 2019, Bake N’ Switch was one of the most enjoyable ones. My only complaint is that they didn’t let me play PVP against the other gamers there. A missed opportunity to assert my dominance to Malaysian gamers.

Similar to many other games at Level Up KL, Bake N’ Switch doesn’t have a release date yet. I spoke to some of the developers and they told me they’re planning to launch it in early 2020. So far, there’s only plans to release the game on PC via Steam. I think it’s the perfect kind of game to be played on a Nintendo Switch. The co-op makes it great for home consoles too.

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