Epic Games Store Finally Giving A Highly Sought Feature

For many many years, Steam has been the go-to online storefront and digital platform for millions of PC gamers around the world. When the Epic Games Store (EGS) was unveiled, it was touted to be a serious competitor to Steam. Unfortunately, it lacked a lot of features and has been drawing criticism from most of its users.

The latest update to the platform paints a better picture of the future. EGS users probably have noticed that they store page now looks much better thanks to games now being categorised according to lists such as “New Releases”, “Top Sellers”, and so on. It also finally has a genre browsing feature, something it sorely lacked during launch.

Our brothers and sisters in Thailand should be thrilled to know that the EGS now has Thai language support. Aside from that, other improvements include adding 3D Secure for Europe which basically ensures credit card purchases are more secure and also optimising the EGS servers which took a hit when there was 350% traffic increase during the Fortnite – Chapter 2 event.

What’s truly exciting is the list of upcoming improvements that the developers are working on which includes adding a wishlist feature. Similar to the Steam wishlist, users will be notified when games in their wishlist are on sale or included in any relevant promotions.

Another highly anticipated feature that’s being worked on is critic reviews. If you’ve never used the EGS before, you’re probably dumbfounded by this piece of information. The EGS has never had a review system for any of its games so its users have never been able to judge a game directly through its EGS store page.

One thing to note about the EGS implementing critic reviews is that Epic CEO Tim Sweeney has previously expressed that he wanted to implement a review system that would avoid issues of review bombing which happens every now and then on Steam because players are unhappy with things that might not be related to a game’s core design such as the game developers’ political stance or something of that sort.

Epic still believes that their storefront view can be improved and I’m sure most people would agree. So it’s good to hear that the team is constantly making improvements in that aspect.

As a Malaysian EGS user, I’m hoping that they introduce prices in MYR soon. Besides that, there’s also the glaring issue of the store not having a cart which doesn’t let its users by multiple games at once which will become a big issue whenever there’s a sale offering lots of games at low prices. That’s exactly the thing that pissed off a lot of people when Epic had their first Epic Games Store Mega Sale earlier this year.

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