EVOS Legends Is M1 Champion And The Best Mobile Legends Team In The World

The Mobile Legends Bang Bang M1 World Championship has just concluded. Three days of high-level mobile MOBA plays have culminated at the Grand Finals where two of Indonesia’s best teams faced off.

And now, we have a world champion.

Congratulations to EVOS Legends on winning the inaugural M1!

The Grand Final was fought in a best-of-seven format and after a full count of 7 gruelling rounds, EVOS Legends successfully cemented themselves as the top Mobile Legends esports team not only in Southeast Asia but also globally after beating Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) 4-3. They will be bringing home the M1 trophy and the grand prize of US$80,000.

Don’t be mistaken, first runner-up RRQ did not make it an easy win. They put a great show early on in the Upper Bracket but was booted down into the Lower Bracket after losing to their long-time rival Evos Legends at the Upper Bracket semi-finals. They then went up against their first Upper Bracket opponent once more, Malaysian team Todak, and beat them 3-1.

After winning their way back into the Grand Finals, RRQ brought out their A-game for the rematch. At one point, RRQ secured a 3-2 lead over EVOS but then EVOS went all out in the last two matches, winning both of them in less than 20 minutes.

EVOS Legends’ Oura is the M1 MVP.

EVOS Legends’ Eko “Oura” Julianto walks home with the title of overall tournament MVP, winning a prize of US$3,000.

This all seems to be a bit of a deja vu situation for the top two teams as they previously faced each other in the Grand Finals of the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) – Indonesia Season 4 tournament. EVOS Legends came on top in Indonesia and now they are crowned as the best in the world as well.

Check out the final match below, where both teams were at 3-3.

Malaysia Boleh MLBB

Let’s not forget our very own Todak, the Malaysian team that battled their way to third place of the M1 Championship. They are now the number one Mobile Legends team in Malaysia and have positioned themselves in the global top 3 best Mobile Legends team in the world.

Now that’s the spirit of “Malaysia Boleh!” being carried into the global esports arena!

This first-ever M1 has definitely been one hell of a spectacle for Mobile Legends fans all over the world. Props to Moonton for hosting and organising a great tournament that is definitely on the way to becoming the TI equivalent for Mobile Legends.

The next tournament, dubbed M2, will be happening next year in Jakarta, Indonesia. A fitting location seeing as how the current top two Mobile Legends esports team hail from Indonesia.

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