Hilde Plants Her Flag As Next SoulCalibur 6 DLC Fighter

Bandai Namco has revealed that the next DLC fighter for SoulCalibur 6 will be Hilde. She was featured in both SoulCalibur 4 and SoulCalibur 5, so it’s no surprise that the flag-bearing princess is making her triumphant return in the latest instalment of the fighting game franchise.

She seems to retain her flagpole/sword fighting style, giving her vertical range up the wazoo. However, the developer has yet to announce the release date for Hilde, though she will be part of the SoulCalibur 6 Season 2 Pass DLC. The feisty petite royal is unique in that she wields a sword and a spear (with the Wolfkrone banner on it) at the same time, making for some pretty awesome combos.

In the meantime, check out the SoulCalibur 6 character reveal trailer below.


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