Frozen 2 Is Now Malaysia’s Highest-Grossing Animated Movie Of All-Time

Disney is asserting their dominance in the 2019 box office, as Frozen 2 becomes their sixth movie to join the one billion dollar club this year alone. At the time of writing, the sequel to 2013’s Frozen has now generated a worldwide total of a whopping US$1.033 billion.

It took Frozen 2 approximately four weeks to reach one billion dollars, compared to its predecessor which took 15 weeks to achieve the same feat. According to Deadline, it is now the highest-grossing animated title of all-time in various countries, including the following:

For my fellow Malaysians, Frozen 2 has grossed a total of US$7,976,226 to date (or roughly RM33.045 million) in our country (via Box Office Mojo) since it debuted on 21 November 2019.

That’s certainly an impressive amount of money for Malaysians, especially since we’re usually not as big a market compared to even other Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia or the Philippines.

We gave Frozen 2 a pretty high rating in our review, which you can check out here. I personally, felt like although the plot is weak, the songs were much better and more matured this time around.


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