How Long Will The Final Fantasy VII Remake Be A PS4 Exclusive For?

Square Enix recently confirmed what everyone has suspected all this while; the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be a PS4 timed exclusive. At least according to the fine print on the official box art.

So how long is this going to last? Until 3rd March 2021, a year after the game’s PS4 launch date. While timed exclusives aren’t exactly new in gaming, at least it gives players an option to either:

  1. Get a PS4 now for Christmas just for this remake, which is a good choice if you haven’t. Or…
  2. Wait an extra year after 3rd March 2020 if they want to see it on PC or Xbox One. By the by, Square Enix hasn’t confirmed which other platforms this remake will be on, but these two platforms are a shoe-in for this game.

If you’re planning on option #1, you should also check out our PlayStation 4 buyer’s guide in a form of this feature. 

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