A Southeast Asian Brand Enters The Mechanical Keyboard Arena

Every PC gamer eventually gets themselves a mechanical keyboard. In fact, most people who type for a living also consider mechanical keyboards as the superior choice compared to membrane ones. So it’s always good to see more options in the market.

Singaporean company Tempest is the new kid on the block in the mechanical keyboards arena. They’ve just launched their first lineup of keyboards called the Kirin. There are three variants, each supporting a different Cherry MX switch.

Affordability and portability are two big priorities that Tempest focuses on. All three Kirin keyboards are TKL boards costing SG$149 each. Each board comes with a USB type-C cable for direct connection but can also be connected to three devices simultaneously via bluetooth.

For those of you who are interested in customising your keycaps and cables, the company even sells different-coloured keycaps and USB type-C cables. To check out their full catalogue, head on over to the Tempest online store.

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