This New Mulan Live-Action Film Might Turn Out Solid…

Who wants a less annoying Mushu-less live adaptation of Mulan? If you answered “yes”, then you might enjoy what this upcoming 2020 Disney remake has in store.

Disney just dropped a new Mulan trailer, and it touches upon a few pivotal moments from the animated classic. For those not in the know, Mulan is about a Chinese heroine who poses as a man in order to join the Imperial Army so that she can take her elderly father’s place.

Also, there’s a witch, some form of magic, and phoenixes serving as Mulan’s guardian thankfully not voiced by this generation’s black comedian like Kevin Hart.

Oh, and for you old-school martial arts and 90s Hong Kong cinema fans, you’ll be pleased to know that:

Mulan slashes into theaters 27th March 2020.


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