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The first moment I saw the art in Skullgirls, I immediately knew I wanted more. There was only a slight hint of a disappointment as I’m not a big fan of fighting games. Thankfully, developer Lab Zero Games decided to branch out with their latest and arguably greatest contribution to the JRPG space.

Indivisible is a hybrid RPG that plays more like a rhythm game; heck, it might as well be a fighting game in some sense. Combat is semi-turn based as you press four different buttons to command your four party members. The key to winning is forming a party with good synergy and experimenting to find out the best combos.

You can go full raw power with Dhar, Phoebe, or Tungar, or you can be a specialist with Hunoch/Xiboch, Thorani, and Kushi. Every party member you recruit has their own quirks and skills that makes experimentation really fun.

The other facet of Indivisible is platforming and navigating the Metroidvania-esque landscape. Make no mistake, it isn’t just there to inflate gameplay variety. Navigating the beautifully drawn world will take some thinking, as some of the puzzles can be quite tricky.


But just like Skullgirls, Indivisible is pleasing on the eyes. The cartoony art style is complemented by some phenomenal animation work that brings every character and enemy to life.

Simply put, it’s eye candy and action-packed combat from start to end. And that’s more than enough to put this indie darling on our top 30 of 2019.

Byrgenwerth Scholar and occasional writer. Likes well-timed dodges. Dislikes dialogue wheels.
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