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THQ Nordic and developer Experiment 101 are close to finishing their upcoming open-world animal-filled action RPG Biomutant.

According to an IGN interview, creative director Stefan Ljungvist said that the game is at the end phase of development. ““In a massive game like this—like I said it’s very big, it’s the largest game that I’ve ever worked on—you will have issues, you will have technical challenges to overcome, and artistic [challenges], too.

“But at this stage of the product, we’re cleaning out, we’re squashing bugs, and trying to make these end decisions on making sure that the player understands what to do.”

He also added that the main challenges of making an open-world game is dealing with the choice that players will enjoy how free they are. “In the beginning of development, we were like, ‘yeah, let’s make the player totally free!’… But if you get too much freedom, you don’t know what to do, so gradually we’ve also been working on trying to streamline that more so you’re always working on what you’re supposed to be doing, but then you can deviate from that at any point and do what you want.”

“Because literally you are free to go after the first hour of the game—you can really go anywhere you want in this world. But that’s also a challenge for those that might be needing more help or guidance, so we’re working on that and trying to conclude that part of development as well. So [what we’re doing right now is] more like user experience and primarily squashing those bugs.”

They also released a 10-minute gameplay trailer to sate our curiosity and to make sure people don’t lose hope on the project. So far, you’ll be doing a lot of kung-fu, handling steampunk weapons and gadgets, and fighting a lot of giant bosses.

Biomutant will eventually be out for PC, PS4, and Xbox One “when they’re happy with the game”.

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