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NieR Automata‘s last secret or easter egg has finally been discovered after almost four years since the game’s original launch in 2017.

The game’s final secret is actually a cheat code that allows players to skip the entire game. Modder and dataminer Lance McDonald discovered that this cheat code allowed him to go straight to the end of NieR Automata after only defeating the first boss.

NieR Automata actually has multiple endings, and it requires several playthroughs to reach the true ending. However, this newly-discovered cheat code allows players to head directly to that true ending.

In normal circumstances, after reaching Ending E, players must play through an arcade shooter sequence that is the game’s credits. At the very end, players are given the option to sacrifice their save data to assist others in that task. Accepting will actually delete your save file.

At the time of writing, McDonald has yet to fully reveal what the inputs are to activate the cheat code, but the video in his tweet below shows him doing so near some barrels after defeating the first boss in the game.

Following this discovery, NieR Automata‘s director and creator Yoko Taro himself seemingly confirms McDonald’s discovery by tweeting this:

The official Japanese Twitter account for the NieR franchise also acknowledged the game’s last secret.

McDonald has confirmed that he will be releasing a full video of the NieR Automata cheat code soon, so stay tuned for that.

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