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Outriders at its core is an action RPG that happens to be a third-person shooter: mechanical skills & loot are both important. Though at times, the latter element moreso.

Purple loot in Outriders is important because it’s high-tier weaponry just shy of elusive Legendaries. Resources like Titanium are equally so because they help level up & upgrade rarities of weapons & armour you want to keep in the long term.

Here’s a sure-fire way to not only score lots of purple loot, but also a generous amount of Titanium (via Upper Echelon Gaming).

#1. Prep For The Farming

Generally, you will want to have either a Trickster, Technomancer, or Pyromancer for this. These three classes have special bullet-empowering moves called Twisted Rounds, Blighted Rounds, and Volcanic Rounds. They grant you empowered bullets that deal a lot of damage, have unlimited bullet count (until your next reload), and have status effects up the wazoo.

You will also want to mod your equipment so that you have Tier 1 buffs focused on the Rounds augments specific to the class. Ideally, use mods that give you an additional clip that extends your skill a second time.

Also, do try to max out your World Tier. If you get it to 10 or so, that’s fine too. The higher the World Tier, the more purples you get.

#2. Head To The Dunes

Head to the story point “Search for shelter from the approaching sandstorm.” Just work your way through the mission until you head to a camp checkpoint.

#3. Activate The “Hunter-Hauras” Quest

You can activate the quest here. It’s located just down the path with all the giant bones.

#4. Kill The Hauras & Wasteland Behemoth

Once you go through the section with the three flying monsters and the pack of maulers, you’ll eventually reach this part. Head down and fight the Wasteland Behemoth/Hauras power couple. These two Hunt monsters are pretty easy to take down compared to the rest of the higher-tiered beasties because of their easy weak spots to crit.

This is where you should use Twisted/Blighted/Volcanic Rounds to go to town here, in addition to your specific class’ damage combo. For the Trickster, use a damage combination of Slow Trap and Cyclone Blade in tandem to deal a lot of damage & gain back life/armor. You’ll make short work of the pair.

#5. Collect Spoils, Then Go Kill Yourself

Once they’re done, keep on moving and collecting the spoils. Most of the time you’ll score a number of Purple loot and a good chunk of Titanium. Once you’ve amassed all of it, let the enemy mob kill you off.

#6. Rinse & Repeat

Do steps 4 and 5 until your inventory is full. You should be able to get a lot of Titanium and purple loot in half an hour or so. Then head back to camp and scrap your goods, or level up your prized possessions.


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