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Square Enix announced that its third-person online loot-and-shoot game Outriders has attracted 3.5 million unique players in April. The company states that the series is “on track to become the company’s next major franchise”.

What does this mean? Well, that’s good news for developer People Can Fly, since it’ll be busy updating the game with future DLC, or maybe even go to work on a possible sequel. We’ll see how it goes since there’s no official word on these ideas just yet. The developer did say that it is “committed to improving and enhancing the experience in the coming weeks and months” and is looking “forward to expanding on Outriders in the future”.

While 3.5 million unique players is a nice number to have for an online co-op shooter, it doesn’t mean anything sales figure-wise. Keep in mind that Outriders is an Xbox Game Pass launch title; a huge bulk of those numbers may be from Xbox owners who are buying into the free games subscription service.

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