Battlefield Gets Ex-Call Of Duty Exec To Help Strengthen Series

Is Battlefield in need of an evac or support? As far as recent news is concerned, it’s definitely the latter.

Not out of the count yet due to Battlefield 5’s not-so-hot sales & reception, EA will be getting help in the form of ex-Call of Duty and Destiny general manager guy Byron Beede. He will be helping out the corporation and DICE to help grow the Battlefield series, starting with part 6. This will “signal a strategic, long-term commitment to the growth of the franchise”. He will report directly to Respawn founder Vince Zampella, who now runs DICE LA.

With EA launching a new Battlefield game this year and releasing a mobile spin-off later, it looks like the series is making a resurgence as well as countering the recent success of Activision’s Call of Duty series which now has its own battle royale F2P mode, a mobile game, and an annual mainline series. We’ll be sure to hear more about Battlefield’s vision as a series from Beede in the near future.

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