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Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch
Genre: 2D action platformer game featuring Taiwan Robin Hood

Feel the need to liberate early 20th century Taiwan from the cruel Japanese occupation, but in a bright and comic colour-filled 2D action platformer game with slick controls and Devil May Cry-like combat? Then you may want to check out The Legend of TianDing.

The game’s plot is basically you control the titular Liao Tianding, the legendary Taiwanese folk hero who combats the Japanese occupation that’s oppressing Taiwan while also robbing from the rich and corrupted, and giving to the poor. You do this by going through a multitude of stages fighting bad guys using your brand of martial arts.

You also have a special scarf that lets you stun enemies and steal their weapons after you’ve dealt enough damage to them. You can also learn a number of kung fu moves like a useful flying kick that makes you leap vertically over pits (ie: more airtime for your jumps & double jumps) and the one-inch punch that wallbounces enemies towards hazards like spiked pits and toxic barriers.

Here’s a full gameplay walkthrough of the demo in Hardcore mode, because we’re just that good. The demo may have a glitch or two (like the bottom right item collection prompt not disappearing at all, forcing us to reload a couple of times), but as a whole the game’s controls and action is pretty slick and promising. The final boss of the demo is quite a challenge, requiring you to deflect bullets with your fists(?) while also dodging its many hard-hitting attacks and boss stage traps.

The Legend of TianDing will be out for PC and Nintendo Switch later this year.

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