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Atlus, the company behind critical hits like 13 Sentinels and Persona 5, are currently busy with 10 game projects.

According to a recent Famitsu interview with company president Naoto Hiraoka, the company will be bringing in some surprises in the future. This includes, and is not limited to:

  • The aforementioned 10 game projects with studios such as Vanillaware. 6 of these will be from Atlus’ internal studios.
  • Persona events to be planned for overseas and in Japan.
  • Further investing in Vanillaware games and other ATLUS IPs.
  • Atlus’ Project Re: Fantasy is being built bit by bit and is still making progress.

In other words, Atlus is doing just great and healthy, especially since it is still keeping Vanillaware and George Kamitani’s unique art & writing around. We can’t wait to hear about these 10 games from Atlus when the time is right.

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