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Atlus will be releasing day one DLC for its upcoming JRPG opus Shin Megami Tensei 5.

The DLC will feature a few new quests and the demons involved whom you can recruit after fulfilling the quest’s requirements. We’ll list them down:

Return of the True Demon: Get the Menorah of Knowledge, fight the series’ popular Fiends (from SMT3), then recruit them after you’ve done their challenges. Fighting these guys won’t be easy, naturally. The DLC costs 980 yen/US$10.

A Goddess In Training: Help out goddess Artemis in finding a training partner. You can unlock her for demon fusion later. The DLC costs 450 yen/US$5.

The Rage of a Queen: Fight Egyptian goddess Cleopatra, then unlock her for demon fusion later. The DLC costs 400 yen/US$4.50.

The Doctor’s Last Wish: Help out a researcher, then fight off Tyrant Mephisto. You can unlock him in demon fusion later. The DLC costs 400 yen/US$4.50.

The DLC bundle costs 2,952 yen/US$30. If you wish to buy the full game and the DLC bundle together, that will cost you 12,830 yen.

Pay To Win?

A potentially controversial DLC in that bundle contains the Mitama Dance of Wealth/EXP/Miracles buffs. Basically, these buffs will make the rare Saki Mitamas, cash-giving Mitamas, and Glory Mitamas pop up on the overworld field more often; kill them to gain loads of experience, Macca, and Glory (for Miracle powers) respectively. Each of these buffs will cost you 350 yen/US$4.

Check out the DLC video below.

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