Battlefield 2042 Will Be Fixing Its Rubberbanding Issues Before Launch

EA and DICE will be patching up Battlefield 2042 before its official launch.

After seeing feedback during the game’s early access first week, the devs will be working on a patch to fix the game’s rubber-banding issues, especially when they’re happening in All-Out Warfare mode. It’s a problem as old as online multiplayer time in the late 90s to even now, where players snap between two positions back and forth (hence, rubberband) due to lag thanks to high latency and/or packet loss. Yes, even with a LAN cable connection, big PvP shooter games do tend to have these issues even with top-notch servers.

The patch will have server-side upgrades to reduce it, as well as sort out the stuttering issues during Breakaway.

EA and DICE will be issuing two further updates within the next 30 days after launch, featuring more substantial fixes and improvements. Battlefield 2042 will officially launch on 19th November. Stay tuned for our review in the next few days, because it’s an online game and we’ll need time to play with lots of people on the field before giving our final judgment.

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