Street Fighter 5’s Luke Will Be Out Later This Month; Uses Flash Knuckles

Street Fighter 5’s latest character, a blond kickboxer named Luke, will be out on 29th November.

Luke is an important character in the next Street Fighter project, most likely Street Fighter 6 (with more announcements on in next year). He also has ties to SF’s Guile as he’s his student/mentor/drill sergeant.

Gameplay-wise, Luke is a rushdown character who can advance really quick from the mid-range. Most of his moves make him move forward in neutral. His signature move is his Flash Knuckle, which makes him perform a cool lunge punch that has different properties when charged. His Flash Knuckles and Sand Blaster are key mid-range and zoning tools that will be part of his rushdown game plan.

His V-Skill 1 Hard Shot makes him do a short charge which makes his charged Flash Knuckles come out instantly without charging. His V-Skill 2 Suppressor gives him a step back move that acts as a counter, especially against command throws.

His V-Trigger 1 Full Armed allows him to use new projectiles (Rock Smasher) and a fast target combo for a limited time His V-Trigger 2 Vanguard lets him cancel one Flash Knuckle to another Flash Knuckle of a different strength. Unlike other character’s V-Triggers, Luke’s V-Trigger recovers over time when in a neutral state, gaining V-Timer by doing damage. He only loses V-Timer when taking damage or using V-Trigger-specific moves.

Luke will be available either as a separate character purchase or as part of the Season 5 Character Pass. If you paid US$24.99 for the pass, you’ll get him alongside Dan, Rose, Oro, and Akira.

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