Illidan and Black Temple Raid Returns in World of Warcraft Classic

Illidan Stormrage and the iconic Black Temple raid will be making their way into World of Warcraft Classic in their first update that begins Phase 3 of their Burning Crusades expansion.

To start off Phase 3 of their Burning Crusades expansion, players will get a chance to battle Illidan Stormrage in the latest patch update. You’ll be able to clash against the first Demon Hunter and gather your parties for two new raids in the form of Black Temple and Battle for Mount Hyjal. The new raids are currently live right now alongside the Netherwing daily quest hub. The Netherwing quests eventually award one of the game’s cooler mounts, the Netherdrake.

To access the new content, players will need to complete the necessary attunement questlines to be able to join each new raid, which includes completing previous raids like Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Cavern. Bosses from previous raids will now drop additional loot, which should get you properly prepared for the added content.

Details on the specific raids are detailed below:

The Black Temple

Defeat the Betrayer himself, Illidan Stormrage, atop the Black Temple.

The Battle for Mount Hyjal

Preserve the outcome of the pivotal Battle for Mount Hyjal and ensure the demon Archimonde meets his fate.

The new phase also marks the start of Arena Season 3 which has been live for a while now. The PVP game mode will give players the chance to unlock exclusive Arena gear such as Nigh-Invulnerability Belt, Net-o-Matic Projector, Dazzling Longsword, Silent Fang, and Skull of Impending Doom. Gear from previous seasons will also be unlockable.

That just covers the surface for the new update, which includes more content and changes to the user interface and Arena meta along with bug fixes.

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