Hideaki Anno Is Creating A Cinematic Universe Filled With Kaijus & Robots

To which we say: f*** yes.

Hideaki Anno, the director who ended mecha existential series Neon Evangelion Genesis not once but twice on pretty high notes (or low if we’re talking about the first ending), is teaming up with other studios to create the Shin Japan Heroes Universe.

This upcoming collaboration will feature properties from not just Anno’s Studio Khara, but also from Toei, Toho, and Tsuburaya Productions. The banner below is all you need to see who is teaming up and crossing over in the world of Japanese cinema in the future.

More information will be revealed in the future, at least according to one of the collaborators, Tsuburaya Productions.

How did this come about? Well, Tsuburaya Productions have worked with Toei and Toho on Ultraman, Kamen Raider, and Godzilla for the show’s numerous special effects. In 2016, Hideaki Anno did Shin Godzilla, which was a different take on the legendary kaiju franchise. It worked out really well, to the point that Anno decided to revisit the Evangelion series in movie form.

Naturally, all four of these megapowers decide to just make a cinematic universe using these well-known properties. It’s a long time coming, with many fans of sci-fi and tokusatsu pop culture cinema clearly excited for the future of this.

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