Elden Ring Might Be Getting New PvP Areas

Will Elden Ring, the hottest RPG title from From Software that’s getting praises and curses, be getting future DLC? Perhaps but not so soon, thanks to some modders who checked the insides of the game’s hidden areas.

A number of modders have been hacking the game to explore a few restrictive parts of the map. It seems that Elden Ring may be getting some multiplayer content of the PvP variant. Specifically, they focus on the coliseums in Leyndell, Northern Limgrave, and Caelid.

A number of sidequests can be done in front of these coliseums, but not inside. The most memorable one off the top of my head is doing a quest for a giant pot man in front of the Caelid coliseum, fighting three Duelist Knights for a sweet talisman.

Check out the unused content analysis video below:

From Software and Bandai Namco have yet to say anything, though to be fair they will probably announce news about the game’s future DLC later in the future. After all, the game came out recently and is doing gangbusters sales-wise as we speak.

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