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Originally published in 4th June, 2019. Updated for 2022.

Selamat Hari Raya!

As the period of Ramadan and fasting is ending soon, many of us are happy to celebrate the upcoming festivities that is Hari Raya. And with that comes the part where your relatives come visit and make merriment. We’re very sure that a number of you want to huddle up and play games together offline.

Here’s the full list of games you should prep if you want a gaming old time during the holidays!

LEGO Star Wars: Skywalker Saga

Available On: PC, Xbox consoles, PlayStation consoles, Nintendo Switch

Let’s start off the list with a recent all-ages crowdpleaser: a LEGO Star Wars game.

The latest game features new stages based on all nine Star Wars movies and new characters from the recent shows and TV spin-offs like The Mandalorian. That means a ton of characters to play as, loads of stages to explore and collect LEGO Bricks from, and offline co-op so you and your cousins can take turns playing through the game together while the adults go about their merry way talking about grown-up topics. Heck, the new Star Wars game is so fanciful to watch and spectate, they might even join in on the fun!

Plus, the game features new air combo systems in its combat, which means many combo video shenanigans to pull off in front of the impressionable ones while they play “Devil Trigger” in the background.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Available On: Xbox consoles, PC

Until Halo Infinite adds in split-screen, this is the only option to play all the Halo games on one screen. This eclectic collection is the best way to show your cousins and relatives the joy of fun first-person shooting fragfesting, be it in a PvP setting or in a single player co-op fiesta.

The Ascent

Available On: PC, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PS4, PS5

One of last year’s best cyberpunk action games has offline co-op. Three of you and your cousins/relatives can buddy up and take on the slew of cyberthugs and corporate goons with guns and swords, isometric perspective style. The Ascent may have had some co-op bugs back when it launched, but now most of it has been fixed. Your co-op sessions offline should go unhindered, thus letting you all relive the days when games like Smash TV and Total Carnage brought people together.

Streets Of Rage 4

Available On: PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One

The best 2D beat-em-up sequel has a new roguelike mode that lets you play endlessly until you and your relatives get KO’ed. Also, action games with offline 4-player co-op that goes off without a hitch are a rarity these days, especially with great 2D aesthetics and a  blood-pumping soundtrack to go along with it. Go buy Streets of Rage 4 and its DLC Mr X Nightmare, then get ready four controllers for the rumble party to commence!

Tekken 7

Available On: PC, PS4, Xbox One

If your nephews and relatives are more on the competitive side of things, fighting games are the go-to games of choice. Matches go by super fast and everyone can pass the controller around after each bout.

But which fighting game is the best for a party setting? Apart from Super Smash Bros Ultimate, we suggest Tekken 7. It features a huge roster of colourful characters with various playstyles, it looks great and has lovely music, and it has easy inputs and controls compared to other titles with strict motion inputs. Plus, the game has sucky online compared to the rest, so playing this 1v1 fighter offline is the best way to go this Raya holiday.

On that note, you should go check out our video on Raya games. Scroll to the bottom for the version with words.

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