Deathloop Update Introduces Photo Mode & Other Accessibility Options

Arkane has released the third major update for Deathloop. Game Update 3 introduces a brand-new Photo Mode, added accessibility options, unique PS5 avatars and more, all for free.

Players can now express themselves with a wide variety of filters, stickers, poses and other customization options in Deathloop’s brand-new Photo Mode. Available only in single-player, Photo Mode is accessible through the Pause menu in any map or by activating the Photo Mode shortcut (set to “P” on PC keyboards by default).

To enable the shortcut on PS5:

Producer Jeremy Leulier said:

“This Photo Mode is such a great way to allow our players to get creative by using the unique art and levels of DEATHLOOP. The only creative limitations are defined by our players’ imaginations. We’re very excited at Arkane to see how deep the players will dig into all of the different options and what they will come up with.”

In addition to being able to select your filters and angles like a photography pro, you can swap between Colt and Julianna, change out your outfits and weapons (including the specific weapon variation and skin), and drop into over a dozen share-worthy poses.

Leulier added:

“One of our biggest challenges was to adapt Photo Mode for a first-person shooter where your character isn’t displayed apart from the hands and weapons. We wanted to offer the best possible experience for this mode and took the time to playtest it thoroughly and even asked for insight from players who are experts in using different Photo Modes in games. We took so much pleasure testing Photo Mode that we added a lot of relevant options for the player to make it even more fun and funnier to use.”

Game Update 3 introduces over 30 improvements and added accessibility options, from menu navigation improvements and interface options to a host of new gameplay options. The update also adds a dedicated Accessibility category, which can be found in the options menu. This new menu wraps up the existing options as well as many of the new options available with this update, including:

You can also show off your love for your favourite Deathloop character with these free PS5 avatars featuring the game’s colourful cast, from our hero Colt to the eccentric and chaotic Visionaries. This collection of nine avatars is available for free to all PS5 users. Redemption instructions & codes for each region are available on

Deathloop is out right now; we highly recommend it.


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